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Success Stories

Success Stories

Condo fumigation overcomes architectural challenges

Payne Pest Management tackled the challenge to fumigate this distinctive five-story, 3.5 million cubic-foot building with 92 units in San Diego, California, after heat and localized spot treatments failed to control a drywood termite infestation.

Success On A Large Scale

You’re tasked with fumigating a condominium complex, home to 540 residents, that spans 14 buildings and 10 million cubic feet — all at once. Read how two companies join forces to fumigate 14 buildings infested with termites.  

Two Landmarks Two Termite Species

JFK’s historic bomb shelter and maritime museum in Southeast Florida are treated for both drywood and Asian termites.

Leper Colony on Remote Island Fumigated for Drywood Termites

Home to lepers and their caregivers, the infested residence was by far the most difficult to reach for fumigation crews because of some of the world’s largest cliffs surround the colony. Creative thinking to overcome challenges lead to the successful fumigation at this residence in the Kalaupapa National Historic Park on Moloka‘i island.

Historic Mansion Fumigated for Drywood Termites

The historic Tuttle Mansion, an ornate Victorian built in 1899, currently home to several businesses is fumigated for drywood termites.

How the Historic Thomas Center Became Termite Free

Slow and steady wins the race against termite infestation at this historic landmark in Gainsville Florida.

Record-setting Bedbug Fumigation: Biltmore Tower Apartments, Dayton, Ohio

Read how fumigation was the ultimate solution for controlling bedbugs in this 18-story, 4.8 million cubic foot building in Dayton, Ohio.  

Article: Bedbugs tablet trouble

Read how tablet computers and the bags used to transport them to and from school provide attractive harborage sites for bedbugs.

Spiders eliminated by fumigation create new market in Missouri

McCarthy Pest & Termite Control in St. Charles, Missouri, fumigated a home infested with more than 6,000 brown recluse spiders.

An Unconventional Fumigation

A powderpost beetle infestation in a convention center requires creativity. Read about the creative strategy put into play to fumigate the massive Palm Beach County Convention Center.