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Everything you need and everything you need to know about Vikane® gas fumigant. It’s all right here.

Technical information for Vikane.

Fact Sheet for Vikane Gas Fumigant (Sulfuryl Fluoride)

This fact sheet is intended to provide basic information about the product and how it is used.  

Fact Sheet for Vikane Gas Fumigant (Sulfuryl Fluoride) — Spanish

Hoja de Datos Para el Gas Fumigante Vikane (Fluoruro de Sulfurilo). Esta hoja de datos tiene como fin proporcionar información básica sobre el producto y sobre su uso.

Fact Sheet for Comparing Methods to Eliminate Drywood Termites

A side-by-side comparison of Vikane gas fumigant and orange oil (d-limonene, citrus oil).

Fact Sheet for Vikane Gas Fumigant vs. Orange Oil

Laboratory Study of Orange Oil (XT-2000) Use to Control Drywood Termites in Wood.

Bedbugs Can Happen to Anyone, Anytime

Understanding the menace, what you need to know and how to prepare homeowners for fumigation.

Whole-home Fumigation: The Proven Solution Against Drywood Termites

Based on research and more than 55 years of real-world use, fumigation with Vikane is the only proven way to eliminate all drywood termite colonies in a structure.

Identification and Treatment Tips for Drywood Termites

Little-known tips for identification and treatment of drywood termites, brought to you by Pest Pro magazine.

Eliminating Drywood Termites in Multiunit Properties

Great for use with owners of multiunit properties, this fact sheet details the benefits of choosing fumigation for drywood termite elimination.

General Information on Vikane Gas Fumigant

This comprehensive brochure is intended to provide information about the mode of action, fumigation preparation, aeration procedures and general use information for Vikane gas fumigant.

Technical articles for Vikane.

Vehicle Fumigation Wipes Out Bed Bugs

New research at Virginia Tech demonstrates how containerized fumigation can eliminate insecticide-resistant bed bugs from vehicles and household items. Read and download this article from the June 2021 issue of PCT Magazine.

Back to the Basics: Fumigant Introduction and Tips by Ellen Thoms

Introduction to Vikane® gas fumigant and the use in fumigation, available in both English and Spanish.

Recommending Fumigation Over Spot Treatments

Tips for recommending a home fumigation or a spot treatment from President and Entomologist Tom Wisdo of Impact Pest Elimination in Tampa, Fla.

Bedbugs: by Michael F. Potter, Professor and Urban Entomologist University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service

A comprehensive article on the bedbug, infestations and control solution.

New Rate for Bedbug Control

Kansas State University research shows lower rates of Vikane gas fumigant eliminates bedbug populations.

Sulfuryl Fluoride Structural Fumigation Research

Concentrations of Vikane® gas fumigant at standard commercial rates were measured to assess potential worker, resident and bystander sulfuryl fluoride exposure.

For more information about fumigation and selecting a fumigation company, refer customers to state association and university websites.

National Pest Management Association (NPMA)

PestWorld.org is the official consumer site of the National Pest Management Association, a nonprofit organization committed to the protection of public health, food and property.

Pest Control Operators of California (PCOC)

PCOC.org is the official site for the state association of California. PCOC provides consumers with the resources to learn more about the role of the industry, hiring a pest control company and specific insects through the University of California database.

Hawaii Pest Control Association (HPCA)

HPCA.org is the principle advocate and leadership organization for the pest control industry in Hawaii. They encourage the highest quality education, communication and representation to promote their industry and the public good.

Florida Pest Management Association (FPMA)

FLPMA.org is the official site to communicate the role of the industry as protectors of food, health, property and environment.

Research conducted at major universities shows the value of Vikane to protect property from drywood termites, bedbugs, spiders and other challenging pests.

Susan C. Jones, Ph.D. Professor of Entomology The Ohio State University

Dr. Jones provides research-based information on urban pests to the public and pest management industry to help solve important pest problems. Her work has included structural fumigations using Vikane to eliminate bedbug populations from entire properties. She also has worked with the fumigant as a control for spiders, including the venomous brown recluse spider. She serves on the steering committees of two Ohio bedbug task forces.

Dini Miller, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Entomology Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

  Dr. Miller conducted research showing that a single fumigation with sulfuryl fluoride (as in Vikane gas fumigant) was 100 percent effective on all bedbug life stages, including eggs. Dr. Miller has won numerous awards for her work in urban entomology in research, public education and pest management industry training.          

Michael F. Potter, Ph.D. Extension Professor, Urban Entomology Program University of Kentucky-Lexington

  Dr. Potter’s work in 2006 documented bedbug resistance to many modern-day insecticides. He collaborates with pest control firms to establish bedbug test colonies and field sites for study of this important public health pest. A frequent industry speaker, writer and educator, he heads a research and education program to provide information about pests to homeowners, businesses and pest management professionals.

Rudolf H. Scheffrahn, Ph.D. Professor, Entomology and Nematology University of Florida-Fort Lauderdale

  Dr. Scheffrahn has conducted extensive research on drywood termites, including fumigant efficacy and residue analysis, termite prevention and control. He also has conducted cooperative research projects with colleagues in disciplines other than entomology. Since 2004, he has coordinated the University of Florida School of Structural Fumigation, an annual weeklong professional training program that has trained professionals from around the world.

Changlu Wang, Ph.D. Associate Extension Specialist Rutgers University

Dr. Wang’s research has included effective rates of sulfuryl fluoride (as in Vikane gas fumigant) for bedbugs. His program focuses on developing new and improved urban pest management technologies through the study of biology, behavior and ecology of bedbugs and other urban pests. His Extension program serves pest management professionals through presentations, field demonstrations and Extension publications.