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In 2009, the Caretaker’s Program received the Commissioner’s Award for Product Stewardship from Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Demanding Excellence

Douglas Products is committed to certification, ongoing training and stewardship programs that keep you up to date, help ensure results and help you communicate with homeowners.


Training covers a variety of essentials:

  • Cylinder handling
  • First aid
  • Pending labeling changes
  • Updates on best fumigation practices
  • Proper use
  • Handling
  • Care of safety equipment, including an approved clearance device and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)
  • New regulations that affect the transportation, storage and application of
    Vikane® gas fumigant

The annual classroom training is refreshed yearly and takes about two hours to complete. It reviews the stewardship policy as well as key labelling and safety requirements.

Quality Assurance Reviews

Quality Assurance Reviews (QARs) are a complementary component of the stewardship program in which a Douglas Products expert contractor visits a job site. The purpose of a QAR, which can be announced or unannounced, is to provide fumigation crews with an expert in-field training of their procedures during an actual fumigation, including feedback and suggestions on best practices.


For questions about the Caretakers program, contact your local representative.

Commitment to Excellence Program

The Commitment to Excellence (CTE) program recognizes fumigators for gaining expertise beyond industry-required standards. Offered in California, Florida and Hawaii, this program celebrates fumigators who make voluntary stewardship commitments and demonstrate a high level of proficiency when performing whole structure fumigation with Vikane® gas fumigant.

CTE-certified fumigation companies agree to:

  • Take and complete the Caretakers program annually.
  • Send all active, licensed fumigators to CTE training; a high percentage of attendees must also pass the program’s exam to earn certification.
  • Pass unannounced or requested Quality Assurance Reviews and compliance audits conducted by Douglas Products or its contractors.
  • Adopt a conscious and deliberate commitment to the ideal behind the program’s name: a commitment to excellent service.