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Tips for Recruiting New Team Members

Hiring new team members to join your organization can be challenging in today’s competitive marketplace. There’s no doubt fumigation is a difficult job, but it’s one that’s worthy of respect. After all, a properly conducted fumigation helps protect the biggest investment most people will make in their lifetime — their home.

“It takes a lot of knowledge and skill to conduct a fumigation, and while it’s a tough job, it’s also a very interesting and specialized and technical position deserving of respect,” says Wes Otani, national sales leader for Douglas Products. “Fumigation companies really need to promote who they are and the fascinating nature of what they do — it’s like every day is a new puzzle to solve.”

“In the labor environment today, successful companies report they are always looking to recruit individuals that could enhance their team — not only when they need someone — because the more personnel a company has, the more work they can accomplish,” says Jason Curry, a business development manager for Douglas Products in Southern California.

Jason Curry photo

“Companies might consider hosting an open house at their office to bring in interested candidates to learn more or set up a booth at local events to educate consumers about the benefits of fumigation when recruiting new employees,” Curry says. “For ongoing recruitment, they might place job listings online on pestcontroljobs.com, or online networking and recruitment sites such as LinkedIn or Indeed.

“But maybe the best way to attract new employees is to make the work environment one where people want to come to work,” Curry says. “If current employees are content in their jobs, they can be incentivized to invite others to join the team. And there are many ways to keep employees happy and show them appreciation. For example, one company owner manages the workload so he doesn’t take on more work than the schedule allows. This enables his crews to have a good work/life balance, and he can occasionally offer employees a three-day weekend, especially during slower months.

“His crews get done with work at a decent hour most days, so they have time to do activities or have family time,” Curry says. “Sure, he’d get more revenue if they worked longer hours, but the work/life balance is one big benefit of working for his company.”

“It’s important to be mindful of the workload, but what’s expected of employees needs to be communicated in advance,” says Matt Fabry, a business development manager for Douglas Products.

“A good flow of communication about the upcoming workload is important so employees know what to expect and there are no surprises,” Fabry says. “That way, they can feel comfortable making family plans or plan to participate in various activities.”

Once new team members are on board, Douglas Products can assist with training them. For more information on recruiting new employees, contact your Douglas Products sales representative.