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Regulatory Updates: Sulfuryl Fluoride up for Review With the Environmental Protection Agency

Sulfuryl fluoride, the active ingredient in Vikane® gas fumigant, is currently going through two separate reviews with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EPA is the regulatory body that governs the continued use of pesticides, in this case: Vikane.

The first review, requested by EPA’s Office of Inspector General (OIG), is looking into misapplication of products, not necessarily Vikane, that contain sulfuryl fluoride and methyl bromide. This review is the result of discussions that began in 2016 and ultimately reached a critical point in November of 2023 when EPA finalized mitigations that would be on the label for Vikane.

While awaiting final approval from EPA, Douglas Products has also submitted a revised version of the label to the states of California and Florida so that the states’ regulatory agencies can do their own concurrent review. The hope is that this will help speed up the process so the final version of the label can be used for production as soon as possible.

The second review, the standard registration review, is looking into sulfuryl fluoride, which is at the end of the EPA’s current review program, mainly because there are not many concerns about the active substance. This review should be completed in 2026.

Any changes that could occur and affect fumigators have been considered and included in the current training. Once the changes are finalized, trainings will continue to be updated so that the fumigation professionals who use the products are well-versed in all changes that have been implemented. “We also want to recognize the fumigation community for their participation over the past few years,” said Tim McPherson, vice president, regulatory affairs, Douglas Products. “It was very important to hear their voices.”