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The Importance of Stewardship

The Caretakers Program, required training for all fumigators, will be introduced during the first quarter of 2023. It is an annual training program to help ensure fumigators are using Vikane® gas fumigant in the best and most effective manner possible. The training is a great refresher on the product label requirements, a review of any regulatory changes, an opportunity to provide feedback to Douglas Products, and a great way to ramp up for the fumigation season in the new year.

“The goal of the Caretakers Program is to help fumigators use Vikane properly and effectively, ensuring it remains a viable tool for the industry, because there’s no alternative that can eliminate drywood termites, bed bugs, and other pests like Vikane can,” says Heather Kern, commercial leader for Douglas Products.

“The stewardship process and training are critical from a pesticide registration standpoint,” says Tim McPherson, director of regulatory affairs/R&D at Douglas Products.


“It’s technical training to help ensure successful fumigations — a review of the label because the label is the law — and it’s a way for us to get feedback to learn more about areas that we may need to cover in more depth,” McPherson says. “Overall, it gives us the ability to maintain the use of this very important tool in the industry.”

“Maintaining the use of Vikane is crucial because there aren’t many other options available to effectively treat all drywood termites and bed bugs in a structure with a single application,” says Barb Nead-Nylander, a technical expert with Douglas Products.

“Drywood termites often get up into the rafters and other inaccessible areas that are very difficult to treat with contact insecticides,” Nead-Nylander says. “It’s the same with bed bugs — they are very cryptic and like to hide, so if you don’t treat all of them, you can be back to where you started quickly.”

Contact your Douglas Products representative to learn more about the Caretakers Program or to schedule your annual training for the Caretakers Program.