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Service vs. Price: What Really Matters to Consumers

Data tells us what homeowners really want

Quality service and efficacy are more important than price according to consumer research in the drywood termite states. And the most important thing is the pest management company’s service.

Consumers defined quality service as being five things:

  • Being treated well rather than inconvenienced
  • Being assured about safety for family and petsFumigationFacts.com
  • Not needing to be concerned or worried
  • Being reassured they have made the right decision
  • Being assured that the treatment will take care of their pest problem


How to use this data? First, recognize that while the price is always a consideration, what homeowners want is value. Second, because fumigation is a one-and-done solution, it helps build your company’s service reputation and business for customers with a termite (or bed bug) problem. Third, educating homeowners and selling to them is faster and easier than ever thanks to a website built to answer the questions homeowners ask: FumigationFacts.com.

So, here’s how to prepare your customers and deliver great customer service with Vikane® gas fumigant. Use the Fumigation Planning Guide to walk them through the process step by step, so they can know what to expect.

Take advantage of the Fumigation Assistant Texting Program to send them timely reminders of what is happening next. Finally, use the How to Prepare videos (English and Spanish) to show the homeowner how to prepare their home.

Want more? Contact your Douglas Products sales representative to talk about training to help your sales team learn all they need to help solve homeowner termite problems with your service and proven Vikane gas fumigant. Decide to put a price in its proper place by focusing on selling your quality service and value.


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Vikane is a federally Restricted Use Pesticide. Always read and follow label directions. These materials have been created specifically for Vikane and no other fumigant. These materials may not be copied, whole or in part, or reproduced without the permission of Douglas Products.
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