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Vikane home preparation video shot

Proper preparation for a fumigation can be a challenge for homeowners. This 8-minute video shows homeowners how to prepare for a fumigation with Vikane gas fumigant.

New fumigation prep video available

To help promote fumigation with Vikane® gas fumigant, Douglas Products has created a new video for pest management companies and fumigators. How to Prepare Your Home for Fumigation — also offered in Spanish — helps educate homeowners on what items in a home need to be double-bagged or removed before a fumigation and instructions on how to do so.

The eight-minute video can be viewed by visiting FumigationFacts.com and shared with homeowners on computers, phones or tablets. The FumigationFacts.com website includes more information to help educate homeowners about the fumigation process and includes a checklist for them to follow for the day before, the day of and the day after a fumigation.

Let this new content help your customers who are preparing for fumigation. Consider including a link to fumigationfacts.com on your company website.

“Douglas Products produced this video to help fumigators show homeowners how to properly prepare food items as well as get the rest of the home prepared for fumigation,” says Heather Kern, commercial leader – North American Pest Management for Douglas Products. “The goal is to help make the start of a fumigation more efficient. It also helps homeowners better understand the benefits of getting a fumigation over other methods of pest elimination. Our goal with this video and the FumigationFacts.com website is to help the fumigation industry grow by helping homeowners understand fumigation and the unique benefits it provides.”