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New: Fumigation Assistant

Helping homeowners understand and prepare for a fumigation just got much easier thanks to a new texting program developed by Douglas Products for fumigators using Vikane® gas fumigant. Fumigation Assistant is a unique texting program now available to termite companies and fumigators to help guide customers through the fumigation process, from the signed contract to preparing the home through to moving back into the home after fumigation has eliminated the pests. Texts include links to web content designed to give customers additional assistance on what they need to do to prepare for fumigation day, and all are timed for the homeowner’s specific fumigation date.

“Fumigation Assistant was piloted in 2018 to ensure it provided value to homeowners,” says Hannah Strasser, marketing manager for Douglas Products. “I would encourage companies to view a demonstration of Fumigation Assistant to see how it can add value to their services.”

Strasser says homeowners who choose to use Fumigation Assistant do not need to worry about privacy. All they need to do is provide their mobile phone number. When they do, they will receive a text to confirm their interest in the texting program, and, when the fumigation is completed, their phone number is deleted. Recommended website browsers for Fumigation Assistant include Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

By signing up, homeowners receive a series of personalized texts walking them through the timeline and steps for the fumigation. It includes links to helpful websites to give them the information and instructions to prepare.

“We are very excited to offer this texting program to our customers,” Strasser says. “Fumigation Assistant saves your sales team time and sets your company apart. Best of all, it guides homeowners through the fumigation process and what to expect as pests are eliminated from their home.”

The demonstration can be viewed at www.FumigationAssistant.com/demo/ and a handout is available to use when explaining the texting program to homeowners.