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“Fumigators and termite companies need to get involved and not stick their heads in the sand and hope this goes away. Send letters, but also talk to homeowners and others about what you do and why. I think the fumigation industry operates in too much of a silo. Industry needs to communicate its knowledge and passion.”

Dr. Vernard Lewis
Professor Emeritus of Entomology
University of California, Berkeley


“California’s pesticide regulatory program is already the most comprehensive in the world, and that includes for structural fumigation. I continue to be optimistic that the Department of Pesticide Regulation will recognize what we already do and that they will consider our input before adding additional measures that simply won’t work. Industry must continue to tell its story to all impacted stakeholders — real estate, banking and mortgage, ports, environmental justice communities and more — to help them understand the challenges of the proposed regulations would bring.”

Chris Reardon
Executive Vice President
Pest Control Operators of California


“I can’t overemphasize how important industry support is to maintain workable fumigation regulations. Douglas Products has and will continue to invest in research to answer the science questions, but we depend on industry for the voice necessary to address the political side. Much appreciation to the Pest Control Operators of California for its critical support, as well as our distributors, fumigators and termite companies.”

Janet Rowley
International Business Leader
Douglas Products


New DPR regulatory proposals require fast action by you and your team

In California, the ability to protect many properties from drywood termites is at risk based on state regulatory proposals that would unnecessarily restrict structural fumigation. To prevent this, the fumigation industry is mobilizing to educate legislators and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation to help them understand the full ramifications of what is being considered. Your help is needed now.

Log on now to be heard 

New California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) proposals would significantly restrict structural fumigation in the state. Your voice is needed now to make sure DPR considers the full impact of its proposals.

There are three ways to be heard:

  1. Visit protectfumigation.com and fill out the simple, online form.
  2. Get your employees and company team to fill out the online form.
  3. Make sure other fumigators and termite companies are aware of the proposals and that they fill out the online form.

Filling out the form takes less than one minute and is automatically sent to your state legislator and to Val Dolcini, the interim director of DPR. Your support is critical! The fumigation industry is mobilizing to ensure that DPR considers both the science supporting structural fumigation and the potential impact of its proposals to state residents and businesses.


Get your customers to help, too! 

The fumigation industry has the science to support current structural fumigation practices, but there also is a political side to the DPR proposals. So, it’s important that you stand with industry, but also ask your residential and commercial customers (real estate agents, property managers, etc.) to make their voices heard. You can do so by asking them to visit http://tentingcali.org/. On that website, they will be asked what industry they represent and can quickly and easily fill out an online form that is automatically emailed to their state representative with a copy also sent to the acting director of DPR, Val Dolcini.


What DPR is proposing

Aspects of the proposed changes would severely restrict or eliminate professional fumigation:

  • A longer aeration period, adding 24 hours (the California Aeration Plan (CAP) period plus 24 hours), means one additional night out for homeowners and pets; further compresses real estate escrow periods; and adds an estimated $25 million in additional equipment needed by fumigators.
  • A 5-foot buffer zone would mean that many homes and other properties could not be fumigated, necessitating fewer effective treatments and more expensive wood repairs as a result. (In Los Angeles County, a 5-foot buffer zone is estimated to reduce total fumigations by up to 80%!)


What DPR needs to consider

The DPR proposal would have wide-ranging, negative effects:

  • Structural fumigation is the only proven way to eliminate drywood termites and wood-destroying beetles in homes.
  • Fumigation is the only 100% effective way to eliminate bed bugs, cockroaches and other pests from a family’s home.
  • Vulnerable populations, including low-income individuals and families and the elderly, would especially be at unnecessary risk.
  • Home sales and purchases will be restricted, and higher rents are likely.
  • State consumers will face an estimated $20 million in additional annual costs.
  • Jobs will be lost, including possibly yours and those of your employees.


What is the industry doing

Pest Control Operators of California is leading a coalition of fumigators, termite companies, industry distributors, Douglas Products, Professor Emeritus Dr. Vernard Lewis of the University of California, Berkeley and numerous trade associations and professionals, including real estate agents, property managers, lending institutions and more.

The fumigation industry recently held an educational tour for Val Dolcini, acting director of DPR. He visited three fumigation sites to help understand structural fumigation practices and why fumigation is essential. Industry representatives also held a legislative briefing about the regulatory proposals.


What industry wants

The fumigation industry wants to ensure that the public continues to be best served by science-based, workable regulations.