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New Bed Bug Sales Solution

Here’s help to increase your bed bug sales: eliminatebedbugs.com. Now available, this website is a digital sales tool that can save your team time and effort in educating customers about the one-and-done benefits of a bed bug fumigation. Vikane® gas fumigant is the proven way to eliminate all life stages of bed bugs from a property or household goods.

What makes eliminatebedbugs.com useful in sales is that the website takes an educational approach. It provides facts about bed bugs, and methods of control, and it educates the homeowner on the option and process of a fumigation to eliminate bed bugs. Homeowners usually go online to search for information, and this new website is there for them 24/7.

“There is a lot of information on the internet, some of it good and some not,” says Hannah Strasser, marketing manager for Douglas Products. “Pest management companies will find our new website useful to promote their services because it sticks to the facts homeowners are searching for. I encourage pest management companies to tour the website to see how it can enhance their reputation with customers and add to your bed bug solutions sales success.”

Strasser says there are two ways pest management pros can make use of the website. First is during a sales call when recommending a fumigation is likely. Let the customer review the site and watch the home preparation videos while the salesperson makes the inspection and prepares a formal recommendation. This will save the salesperson time, plus the website is available for the homeowner to review again later.

In addition, a link to the website can be posted on your company’s website as information for anyone searching your site. Linking elimatebedbugs.com on your company website tells potential customers that you offer fumigation as an option to eliminate a bed bug problem with a single treatment.


Here’s what eliminatebedbugs.com includes:

  • Signs that you have bed bugs, pest and infestation facts
  • Treatment approaches
  • Why professional service is necessary
  • Facts about fumigation
  • How a fumigation works
  • How to prepare inside and outside videos
  • Tape and seal preparation guide (downloadable PDF)
  • Tenting preparation guide (downloadable PDF)
  • Moving back into a bed bug-free home



Source: 2018 Bed Bug Awareness Week, National Pest Management Association

Trade magazine surveys show that the majority of pest management companies do bed bug work. However, a company’s bed bug toolbox is incomplete unless it includes fumigation as an option. Whether a company does fumigation itself, or offers it on a subcontracted basis, fumigation with Vikane is the proven way to eliminate this pest with a single treatment.


Contact your Douglas Products territory manager for more information about Vikane as a proven bed bug solution, for training your sales team or for technical assistance with a challenging bed bug job.