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How Good is Your Website? Enter the 2019 Termite Company Contest to Find Out

It’s a fact — most people with a pest problem start their search for information online. So, your company’s website either drives homeowners to call for help or they go elsewhere. Douglas Products and Pest Control Operators of California (PCOC) want to recognize companies for providing homeowners with information about drywood termites and fumigation through a 2019 Website Contest.

“We are pleased that PCOC has agreed to co-sponsor the 2019 Website Contest,” says Hannah Strasser, marketing manager for Douglas Products. “We need to educate the public about pests and professional pest services. In California, drywood termites cause an estimated $300 million per year in damages, but it’s a hidden pest that most property owners know little about. That’s why to help make it easier to educate homeowners, we created FumigationFacts.com.”

Feedback from termite companies and homeowners is consistent, FumigationFacts.com is a great place to get information about drywood termites and fumigation as the proven way to eliminate all the termites in the structure.

FumigationFacts screen

“We built the website based on research with homeowners to make sure it meets their needs. It’ easy to understand with a focus on information and not selling. Because of that, many termite companies have linked to FumigationFacts.com content from their own company websites.”

Strasser says the 2019 Website Contest is open to all California termite companies that are PCOC members and that request that Vikane® gas fumigant be used by subcontractors. Contest entries will be accepted now through midnight on Friday, May 31. The four winning companies will be announced at PCOC Expo, June 18-21 in Carlsbad, California.

“The 2019 Website Contest helps highlight websites that do a great job of educating homeowners about drywood termites and fumigation. We’ve designed the contest to be easy to enter and the top four companies will be awarded prizes that include cash and help promoting your company through Google AdWords.”

To submit your website into the contest, downloadable this brochure2019 Website Contest Flyer Detailer and follow the instructions.