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Douglas Products’ Efforts Ensure a Successful and Sustainable Future

Douglas Products’ Stewardship Ensures Future Success

When pest management professionals (PMPs) choose Vikane® gas fumigant, they know they’re receiving the best possible solution to eliminate target pests without damaging property or leaving residues.

“I’ve been working with Vikane since 1999 when I left the U.S. Navy,” said Lee Whitmore, pest management professional at Quality Pest Services. “Vikane remains unequivocally the most effective tool we have for eliminating drywood termites. There is nothing better in our pest management arsenal for drywood termites and other structural pests.”

With Vikane as their go-to choice, PMPs also receive ongoing support from a team of industry-leading experts that ensure the fumigant will continue to be a tool they can utilize in an industry that faces constant regulatory pressure.

“Douglas Products works tirelessly to maintain the integrity-of-use patterns and make necessary label updates to meet all required industry regulations,” said Heather Kern, commercial leader, North America Pest Management Division at Douglas Products. “As one of the few remaining structural fumigants, we are committed to ensure the viability of Vikane as a resource for pest management professionals and homeowners.”

Our experts’ dedication doesn’t just apply to our product or customers but to the fumigation industry as a whole. Since the early 1960s, the Vikane brand has built a legacy of innovative educational resources to help PMPs do their jobs more efficiently and effectively and ultimately attract more business.

Changing the perception of the profession

The team for Vikane is dedicated to protecting the viability of the pest management industry by educating fumigators, PMPs and homeowners on the benefits of structural fumigation.

Erich Hobelmann, business development manager at Douglas Products, has been in the fumigation industry for 47 years. From his family’s small fumigation company in Florida, to Dow Chemical Company and now Douglas Products, Hobelmann has seen firsthand how technological advancements have taken the pest management profession by storm.

“Over the years, there has been a significant paradigm shift in the industry towards the adoption of new fumigant distribution and monitoring technologies,” Hobelmann said. “While these technologies have made the process of structural fumigations more precise and efficient, the profession is still a very demanding career not just from a [physical], but from an educational standpoint as well.”

From how to store fumigants, to safe transportation and, finally, how to correctly apply to a home, there are plenty of rules and regulations that can be difficult to manage for PMPs. Douglas Products recognizes this challenge and provides PMPs and fumigators with resources including ongoing training, Quality Assurance Reviews and stewardship programs to ensure companies are compliant with both federal and state regulations.

“Douglas Products is committed to helping pest management professionals and fumigators earn recognition for their work in an extremely challenging field,” said Wes Otani, national sales leader at Douglas Products. “Our ongoing stewardships efforts, including Douglas Products’ Commitment to Excellence Program, are a step towards elevating the industry as a trusted trade vocation, which will help attract the next generation of fumigators and PMPs.”

Douglas Products’ Commitment to Excellence Program recognizes fumigation companies that demonstrate superior knowledge and expertise related to equipment operation and safety requirements. But that’s just one area where Douglas Products lends its expertise.

Readily available resources, such as FumigationFacts.com, EliminateBedBugs.com and the Fumigation Assistant Text Message Program, give PMPs the tools to engage with homeowners, help them understand their pest problem and prep for a fumigation, and, ultimately, secure more business.

Douglas Products is not only a trusted resource but also an invested partner that is committed to helping you achieve your business goals. By providing much-needed recognition, ongoing education and valuable resources, Douglas Products is here to ensure the viability of the fumigation industry for years to come.




®Trademark of Douglas Products. Vikane and ProFume are federally Restricted Use Pesticides. Always read and follow label directions. Interscan is a registered trademark of Interscan Corporation. These materials have been created specifically for Vikane and ProFume and no other fumigant. These materials may not be copied, whole or in part, or reproduced without the permission of Douglas Products. ©2021 Douglas Products.