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Bed bug fumigations made easier

A new resource is available to help residents prepare for a one-and-done fumigation with Vikane gas fumigant to eliminate bed bugs from their residences and belongings. The Bed Bug Fumigation Planning Guide is a new resource from Douglas Products to help educate customers on the fumigation process and steps to prepare.

A key to helping customers is a combined calendar and checklist. It outlines steps to take when the fumigation has been arranged, then what to do two to three days before the fumigation, one day before, on the day of the fumigation and after the fumigation has been completed.

Additional sections of the guide include:
• A list of common foods and medicines that do not require any special preparation, as well as those that need to be either bagged or removed. Visuals show the proper way to bag foods.
• Items requiring special consideration, such as aquariums, blinds and drapes, swimming pools, valuables and more.
• Common questions and answers.

Development of planning guides for bed bug fumigations follows the success of a fumigation planning guide created for drywood termite fumigations. Termite companies and fumigators report that the planning guide for drywood termites helps speed customer education, reduce follow-up questions and helps increase proper preparation for the fumigation.

Learn more about how Vikane® gas fumigant can boost your company’s sales numbers by contacting your area Douglas Products sales representative.

Download a copy here: U01-069-170_BedBugFumigationPlanningGuide_Tent

If you would like to order literature, email our customer service at info@douglasproducts.com.