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Q&A with Matt Fabry

Matt Fabry
Business Development Manager


What do you do for Douglas Products?
I joined the company in March 2019, and after backfilling Doug Belle who transitioned to the northern California sales district, I began providing support for fumigators that use Vikane in central California.

Your background?
I’ve been in pest management since 2009 most recently as the branch manager for Orkin in Birmingham, Alabama. I was born and raised in Hawaii and started out pest management in sales for Terminix on Oahu. I was promoted to branch manager and ran the Terminix operation on Hilo. I moved back to Oahu, to serve as general manager Kama’aima Pest Control. After a change in circumstances, we moved to Birmingham and started with Orkin Pest Control. Altogether, I have worked for nationals and an independent company in both sales, management and operations.

Pest Management training?
I was licensed as a fumigator in Hawaii and ran fumigation crews there for five years. I am also certified by Texas A&M with a focus on WDO and am certified in urban pest management from Purdue University.

Favorite part of the job?
I really enjoy seeing how we can help improve peoples’ standard of living when we do our work properly. I saw that with the first bed bug fumigation I was a part of on Hawaii. It was a single-family residence home that took in foster children. Bed bugs were biting the children and the constant worry affected their whole life. Pest management attempts had failed. When we did the fumigation it immediately took care of their problem. People with termites or other pests have a real problem, but one we can solve to let them get back to their normal day-to-day lives.

Challenging part of the job?
Getting to know fumigators in my area. I took a first step by attending a Pest Control Operators of California association meeting in month one. I think helping with training is going to be an area of focus. I’ve done a lot of training in my career and look forward to helping individuals and companies meet all the requirements to do a fumigation correctly and safely.

Changes you’ve seen in the industry?
What’s really changed is consumers’ expectations. Things like Uber and Amazon have raised consumer expectations in terms of convenience and speed of service. People no longer just accept standard practice for our industry. That’s why things like our new Fumigation Assistant program are important. Now, homeowners can get a series of text messages about where a fumigation process stands, instead of just getting a piece of paper.

How do you like to relax?
My wife and I like to travel. We are into hiking and outdoor activities.