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Kenyon Tueller and Adam Holt Join Business Development Team

Kenyon Tueller and Adam Holt join Douglas Products as business development managers, bringing a range of rich experiences to the company. Tueller and Holt will focus on sales in the Southwest and East Coast territories, respectively.


Kenyon Tueller

Based in Salt Lake City, Tueller brings a range of rich experience to the company, most recently serving as senior vice president of sales for a national recreational finance company.
“We’re thrilled to bring Kenyon’s diverse and solid background to our team,” says Wes Otani, national sales leader for Douglas Products. “Kenyon is truly a jack-of-all-trades, with a passion for business development. His energy and dedication to his customers make him a fantastic fit for our company.”

Tueller earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Columbia College. He previously owned a service-based company in the home theater industry and served as a business trainer for entrepreneurs. He also led the sales team for a regional company that operated from west of the Mississippi River to Hawaii.

Tueller can be reached at kenyon.tueller@douglasproducts.com.


Adam Holt

A university board-certified entomologist from the University of Florida, Holt brings over 20 years of experience in the pest industry.

“Adam’s outgoing personality traits paired with his dynamic skill sets make him unstoppable,” Otani says. “Adam is a prime influencer for individuals to use our product effectively and safely.”

Holt has been involved with resident and commercial pest control in both private and public sectors, mosquito control, pest control software, remote rodent monitoring and many other industries.

Holt can be reached at adam.holt@douglasproducts.com.